Structured Matrix Computations in Non Euclidean Geometries: Algorithms and Applications

CIRM Luminy, October 8-12, 2012. Thursday session dedicated to Axel Ruhe 70th birthday.

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CIRM is located inside the Campus of Luminy Faculty (map of the region).
The main entrance of the Campus of Luminy Faculty is located to number 1 of this map.
The CIRM is located to the building 25.

You may first reach Marseille, by plane, by train or by car.

See also informations and links in the page CIRM access.


The nearest airport is Marseille-Provence. Several European or International companies deserve this airport with direct fly or by connecting fly from Paris or from another French town. See also the website of the new MP2 terminal for low-cost flies (only in French).

After landing:

  • Take the Bus shuttle AIRPORT/MARSEILLE to Gare St. Charles.
    It takes about 25 minutes by highway. Fare one-way : 8.50 Euros.
      Airport --> MarseilleSaint-Charles Rail Station  .
  • From 6.30am to 8.50pm
  • Before 6.30am : 6.15am
  • After 8.50pm : 9.15pm - 9.40pm - 10pm - 10.20pm - 10.50pm
  • Shuttles every 20 minutes
  • For the departure: Marseille Saint-CharlesRail Station --> Airport
  • From 6.10am to 9.50 pm
  • Before 6.10am :5.30am - 5.50am
  • Shuttles every 20 minutes
  • Or take a Taxi from the Airport to Gare St. Charles (about 30 km) or directly to CIRM. See this link.

  • Or, if you prefer rent a car, in the Airport there are all principal companies such as Hertz, Avis, Budget and so on (see this link ).

The Gare St. Charles of Marseille is the Central rail station of the town. You can get complete informations about rail trains reaching this station (timetable, itinerary and fares) by SNCF.

  • Take first the Metro and after a Bus.
    You have to get Metro line 2 (Direction Ste. Marguerite Dromel) from St. Charles Station, and stop to the station Rond-point du Prado (see the map of metro) (metro runs from 5 am to 9 pm).

    At Rond-point du Prado, after exiting the metro station, cross the street to the Bus station. You take one of the following buses for reaching the Bus stop terminal of Luminy (do not take the bus 21 with a bar into the number, since this bus do not reach Luminy).

    Line 21          CANEBIERE (Bourse) -- LUMINY (Map of the line)
    Line 21S        CANEBIERE (Bourse) -- LUMINY (Map of the line)

    Trip duration from the station: about 40 minutes.
    The bus stop terminal of Luminy is exactly in front of the main entrance of the Campus of Luminy Faculty. Then walk 5-10 minutes to the CIRM (building 25).

    For more information about metro, buses and schedule see The Marseille fare system is very modern and fully automated. The system called  Reseau Liberté' (Freedom Network) allows you to travel by any means of  transport using the same ticket. See Tickets rates.

  • Or take the night bus

    Line 521          GARE SAINT CHARLES -- LUMINY

    that runs after 9 pm and goes directly to the Luminy terminal. Schedule: 9.55 pm, 11.10 pm, 12.25 pm. Trip duration: about 35 minutes. Tickets may be bought on the bus. (Be aware that the bus drivers do not make change.)

  • Or take a taxi from the train station to the CIRM (cost about 22 euros).
  • From Avignon and Aix-en_Provence (highway 51) Take the exit "Vieux-Port" and follow "Toulon" (toll). The road goes through a tunnel under the vieux-port and under the city. At the toll exit, take the direction "Stade Vélodrome" and "La Plage" toward the "Rond-Point du Prado". Then follow "Luminy".

  • From Nice and Aubagne (highway A53) Take the exit "Mazargues" then follow "Stade Vélodrome" and "la Plage" to "Rond-Point du Prado". Then follow "Luminy".
Get personal route and map about your trip by car: