Professor Khalide Jbilou

Email: jbilou at

Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale, LMPA, 50 rue F.Buisson B.P.699
62228 Calais Cedex, France. Phone: 00 (33) 3 21 46 55 91

Organized Conferences: 2022--2024:

WinterSchool24:Model Reduction Methods for Control and Machine Learning
( um6p, 26---29, February, 2024.)

N2ADS24OneDay Numerical Aanalysis and Applications to Data Science
( Athens, 20 May, 2024.)

M3A24:Mathematical Modeling with Modern Applications
( Yildiz University, Istanbul 4--6 June, 2024.)

NASCA23:Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing with Applications
( Athens, Greece July 3--6th, 2023.)

Winter-School 2023: Domain Decomposition, Krylov Subspace Methods for PDEs
( UM6P, February 27--March 4, 2023.)


Research interests

Scientific Activities

Numerical linear and mutilinear algebra- Matrix and Tensor Computation

List of publications

Control theory, Model reduction

Editorial Work

Extrapolation methods

Organized Conferences

Inverse, Ill-posed problems and Image restoration

PhD Students

Numerical meshless methods for PDE's