The duration of the long talks will be 50 minutes, the duration of the short ones 25 minutes. Abstracts will be given on arrival.

Download the scientific program (pdf document)


invited speakers

pdf Stephen Bloom Conway and Iteration Semirings
  Claude Cibils Connected gradings and fundamental group
  Maria Manuel Clementino Lax Algebra: a categorical approach to General Topology.
pdf Andreas Döring The Topos Approach to the Formulation of Physical Theories
pdf Stephen Lack Strict morphisms and weak morphisms.
pdf Ross Street Quantum categories
pdf Walter Tholen Injectivity, exponentiability, and completeness

alphab. order

  Adamek Semantics of Recursion Schemes
  Awodey Homotopical semantics for intensional type theory
pdf Berger On the hierarchy: monad, theory, operad.
pdf Bunge Intrinsic n-stack completions over a topos
  Burroni E. Jets métriques représentables
pdf Calcines CW-complexes in the category of exterior spaces
pdf Caramello De Morgan classifying toposes
pdf Cheng Terminal coalgebras
  Cockett On the Semantics of Reversible Computation
  Cruttwell Change of Base for Enriched Categories
  Dupont Abelian categories in dimension 2
  Edwards-Coecke Toy Quantum Categories
  Ehresmann From Schwartz distributions to control and evolutive systems
pdf Forssell First-Order Logical Duality
pdf Garner Making weak maps compose strictly
pdf Gaucher A topological model for studying branching and merging homologies of time flows
  Goedecke On Satellites in Semi-abelian Categories: Homology Without Projectives
pdf González Rodríguez Algebraic structures associated to weak Yang-Baxter operators
  Grandis Weak cubical categories and their symmetries
  Gray Representability of the split extension functor in categories of crossed modules of generalized Lie algebras
ppt Guitart Borromean Objects, as examplified by the group G168 of Klein's Quartic, linked with Moving Logic
  Gurski Representations of finite 2-groups
pdf Hofmann Injective spaces via adjunction
  Janelidze-G Internal categories, descent, and Galois theory in monoidal categories
  Janelidze-T Snake Lemma in incomplete relative homological categories
  Janelidze-Z Subtractivity in Categorical Algebra
pdf Kachour Définition algébrique des cellules non-strictes : Version Batanin.
pdf Kenney Diads and their application in topoi
pdf Kruml Constructing noncommutative topology
pdf Kupke and Leal An Elementary Construction of Final Coalgebras
  Kusalik The Continuum Hypothesis in Topos Theory and Algebraic Set Theory
pdf Lawvere Core Varieties and Extensive Geometry
pdf Leinster The cardinality of a metric space
pdf Lopez Franco Hopf modules and centres of autonomous pseudomonoids
pdf Lukács The category of k-groups
  Lumsdaine Internal sheaves for algebraic set theory
  McCurdy Cyclic structures on Braided Star-Autonomous Categories
  Martins-Ferreira Weakly Mal'cev sesquicategories
  Melliès Game semantics as string diagrams
pdf Menni Cauchy completeness results motivated by Myhill's characterization of combinatorial functions
pdf Metere Weak inverses for strict n-categories
pdf Niefield Lax Presheaves and Exponentiability
pdf Paré Comma objects and spans in 2-categories
  Penon Un calcul différentiel métrique
ppt Pisani Balanced category theory
  Pronk The Span Construction
pdf Resende Quantales and toposes
ps Rosický Class-combinatorial model categories
1-2 Rosolini Quotient completion of a preordered fibration
pdf Sobocinski Van Kampen diagrams are bicolimits
pdf Solovjovs Variable-basis topological systems
  Sousa On boundedness and small-orthogonality classes
  Stubbe Principally generated quantaloid-modules
pdf Tabareau Free models of T -algebraic theories computed as Kan extensions
  Van der Linden Hopf formulae for satellite-based homology
  Verity Cobordisms and Weak Complicial Sets
pdf Vicary Categorical properties of the complex numbers
ppt Walters Systems on graphs
pdf Wood Duals Invert
  Xarez Concordant and monotone morphisms
pdf Zawadowski Multitopic categories via normal ordered face structures